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Why UEG CBCT Is Your First Choice
Spectrum CT Imaging Technology
It is the world’s first spectrum dental CBCT, improved image quality with reduced beam-hardening artifacts and metal artifacts.
Pulsed X-ray source, high-end aSi detector together with continuously adjustable x-ray window to achieve a lower radiation to patients
RealTimeā„¢ 3D Reconstruction
3D Reconstruction right after CT scanning
High Resolution Reconstruction
Novel CT imaging workflow offers you to redo the CT virtually to meet your specific needs without second radiation exposure
UEG Service Cloud
Auto anomaly detection of hardware and software and express service
Continuously Adjustable X-ray
Adjustable X-ray window based on your application delivers lowest possible radiation to patients
Enlarged FOV
Offset detector position provides at least 60% FOV increase
Module-based System Design
Like LEGO, our product is easy to install, easy to upgrade, easy to maintain and easy to use

The principle of spectrum CBCT imaging is similar to that of the triple prism dividing white light into seven colored lights. Based on the spectrum X-ray technology, high-energy and low-energy X-ray are emitted alternatively during scanning, together with the advanced reconstruction system, our spectrum CBCT is able to parse the broad-spectrum X-ray to the narrow-spectrum X-ray to realize the virtual monochromatic imaging. Compared to the traditional broad-spectrum X-ray imaging, the virtual monochromatic imaging can physically solve the problem of beam hardening artifacts and metal artifacts existing in dental CT imaging, which gives the dentists the most real imaging of patients.

Standard DICOM 3.0 Data, which can be adapted to most mainstream 3rd party software for surgeries including orthodontics, implanting and maxillofacial surgeries

    Airway Analysis
    Bony Reconstruction
    Root Canal/Nerve Canal Analysis
    Implanting Plan
    Tooth Development Analysis
    3d Cephalometrics
    3d Orthodontics
    Data Exporting In STL/3d Printing
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