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  • New link on the Belt and Road


    Chinese Stomatological Association and UEG Medical Group donated one Dental Spectrum CBCT to Myanmar Ministry of Health and Sports......

  • African National Health Ministry Officials、IHECC and Nationa


    On August 20, 2018, distinguished guests from the African National Health Ministry, IHECC and National Liaison visited the R&D center of UEG Medical Group in Shanghai Medical Valley......

  • Product innovation news—UEG Spiral CBCT


    UEG Spiral CBCT Compared with traditional dental CBCT, UEGs spiral dental CBCT in different volume (size) imaging, it can achieve stable absolute value for bone quantitative , low-density bone difference less than 50HU, high-density bone di

  • UEG Chair Inauguration Ceremony at KU Leuven


    Founded in 2007, UEG Medical Group Ltd. focuses on R&D and manufacture of medical devices which covers the following categories of medical products: Dental CT, Surgical Navigation Systems, Wound Healing Material, Innovative Disposable Trocar, Innovative Laparoscopic instruments and etc.

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