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New link on the Belt and Road


The Belt and Road is a pragmatic move by China to strengthen international cooperation and improve global win-win. This is a road from the beautiful East to the distant Eurasia. China and Myanmar have already cooperated in many fields. The Chinese Stomatological Association, with UEG Medical Group, donated a Dental Spectrum CBCT independently developed by UEG to the Sittwe General Hospital in Rakhine State, Myanmar, through the Myanmar Ministry of Health and Sports. The aim is to open up the cooperation between China and Myanmar in the dental field, and convey our best wishes for China-Myanmar friendship.

This donation ceremony has drawn a great attention of both Myanmar Ministry of Health and Sports and Chinese Embassy in Myanmar. We were honored to invite Dr. Thet Khaing Win and Dr. Thar Tun Kyaw, who are Permanent Secretaries of the Myanmar Ministry of Sports and Health, Dr. Soe Oo, who is the Director General of the Myanmar Ministry of Sports and Health, and Mr. Guoxiang Xie, who is Chinese Commercial Counsellor to Myanmar. UEG Dental Spectrum CBCT will be the first large professional dental imaging equipment in Rakhine State. Its spectrum technology collects different spectrum images simultaneously to reduce metal artifacts. The enlarged imaging view and dynamic window can help to realize all around unlimited adjustment. Industrial design, user-friendly interface, and lower radiation dose are all highlighting the rise of Chinese manufacturing.

During the ceremony, Mr. Guangyan Yu, president of the Chinese Stomatological Association, said: "The Chinese Stomatological Association and the Myanmar Dental Association have reached an agreement on the common development and mutual benefit of the Chinese and Myanmar dental fields. This wonderful beginning will lead more cooperation and exchanges between China and Myanmar.” And Mr. Minxu Li, President of UEG Medical Group, also said: "UEG, as a craftsman in China's dental industry, we will fully support the development strategy and work instructions of the ‘Belt and Road’ and proactively cooperate with the Chinese Stomatological Association to profoundly implement this century-wide project of internal and external linkage and common development. ”

Nowadays, with the advancement of science and technology and the continuous innovation of the environment, people around the world are paying more and more attention to dental problems. As an excellent national enterprise, UEG will closely follow the national policy. While striving to make Chinese people no longer plagued by dental problems, we will try our best to improve the quality of dental health care for the people in neighboring countries. We believe this successful donation ceremony is just a new beginning. In the future, we will continue to work together for the mutual benefit and common prosperity.
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